Aida Kaadan

Aida Kaadan, 22 years old, filmmaking student in Tel-Aviv University School for Film and TV studies. Born in 1994 in Griefswald, Germany, grew up in Baqa Al-Gharbiyya (Haifa district), Occupied Palestinian Territories (Israel). Kaadan went for the Arab Orthodox College in Haifa and that is where Kaadan discovered her passion for photography, filmmaking and most of all storytelling. Kaadan directed her first short during 10th grade: A 5 minutes short movie dealing with global warming through a day in a plastic bag, from the minute it's thrown in the trash, until it gets washed up in the sea. After finishing high school, Kaadan began doing her B.A in Art School: Filmmaking and TV studies at Tel Aviv University. During that time Kaadan directed four short movies that deal with personal questions, part are documentaries part are fiction. As part her transition from second year filmmaking to the third, Kaadan directed\shoot\produced a short movie called “Farawla” in 2015. Shoot in September 2015, Kaadan reached a certain level in post-production phase, where she decided to drop the entire project. A year and a half passed with the film being untouched, until finally approached again in January 2017. Currently, Kaadan is working on her next project, written especially for the actress Yara Jarrar, dealing with the question of fear of abandonment and fear of change.
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