of the Rue des Martyrs
A film by Leïla Habchi & Benoît Prin
Documentary | 2003 | 81mnmn | color | 16:9 | OVST

Almost 40 years after the war in Algeria ended, in a workers’ garden in Tourcoing, a city in the North of France, French and Algerian men cultivate their piece of land. These men were the conscripts, National Liberation Front militants or “harkis” in a colonial war led by the French Republic.


"It's the whole story, complex and painful, of the relationship between two inextricably linked countries, that emerges from these testimonies collected by Leïla Habchi and Benoît Prin
Le Monde
The documentary brings subtly to light the bruised memory and the sometimes obliterated future” Télérama

This DVD includes :

1 DVD5 [PAL]  81 min | 16:9 | stereo | momento! 2003
OV : French, Arabic  ST : French, English
ISBN : 2-915683-03-4

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