Portrait of a Modern Criminal
A film by Eyal Sivan & Rony Brauman
Documentary | 1999 | 128mn | B/W | 4:3 | OVST

50 years after the Eichmann trial (Jerusalem, 1961), watch the film about "the extraordinary trial of a terribly ordinary man". It is an essay on obedience and responsibility, inspired by Eichmann in Jerusalem, a Report on the Banality of Evil written by Hannah Arendt, and directed by Eyal Sivan out of 350 hours of archives.


"A work dusting people’s conscienceHistoria
“Gripping, terrifying” Télérama
"Cinema can also be a tool for reflection and not just a vehicle for emotions" Le Figaro
"To watch and debate” L’Histoire

This DVD includes :

DVD 9 NTSC []  183 min | 4:3 | Dolby 5.1 | Montparnasse, 2000
OV : Hebrew, German  ST : French, English, German
BONUS  About The Specialist
[60 min] of Rony Brauman and Eyal Sivan
extracts from the book "Éloge de la désobéissance" + trailer + chapters
ISBN : 2-915-683-09-3

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