Rony Brauman


Chairman of Médecins Sans Frontières from 1982 to 1994, Rony Brauman has worked on numerous medical relief missions throughout the world. Fascinated by the political and ethical issues raised by relief work, he has published articles on foreign aid, refugees, the relationship between relief work and politics, as well as critical analyses concerning the logistics of relief work and the latter's relationship with the media. From 1992 to 1997, he was co-director of a post-graduate study group at the Paris Political Science Institute. Since 1998, he has been an associate professor at the University of Paris XII and co-producer to the radio programme Voix du Silence on France-Culture.

Bibliography • Pourquoi je suis devenu... médecin humanitaire, propos recueillis par Frédéric Niel, Bayard, 2009 • La discorde : Israël-Palestine, les Juifs, la France with Alain Finkielkraut and Elisabeth Lévy, Mille et une nuits, 2006 • Aider, sauver : Pourquoi, comment ?, Bayard Centurion, 2006 • Penser dans l’urgence : Parcours critique d’un humanitaire, Seuil, 2006 - interviews with Catherine Portevin • Norman G. Finkelstein, L'Industrie de l'Holocauste : réflexions sur l'exploitation de la souffrance des juifs (postface by Rony Brauman), La Fabrique, 2001 • Utopies sanitaires, Le Pommier, 2000 • Éloge de la désobéissance (Le Pommier, 1999, document for the film The Specialist, created from archive footage of the Eichmann trial, with Eyal Sivan) • Les médias et l’humanitaire • Humanitaire : le dilemme, with Philippe Petit, Editions Textuel, 1996, 2002 • L'action humanitaire, Flammarion, 1993, 2002 • Devant le Mal. Rwanda, un génocide en direct, Arléa, 1994

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