A little bit of history ...

Momento Distribution Sarl, founded in 2006 by Pierre Menahem, Armelle Laborie and Eyal Sivan under the label SCALPEL, is an independant company for international sales of fiction films as well as for the distribution, broadcasting and production of documantary films DVDs. momento! distributes the catalogue of films produced by momento producation, created in 1994 on the initiative of Eyal Sivan (author, filmmaker), Rony Brauman (essayist, former president of Doctors without Borders) and Armelle Laborie (producer).

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Browse our catalog and buy DVDs through our momento! Boutique, with PAYPAL secured payment. All means of payment are accepted (credit card, cheques

Organize a public screenig

Browse our catalog and reserve your screenings via PUBLIC SCREENING. Several screening formats and lingual versions are available.

Purchase educational & institutional rights

Browse our catalog and buy our films through LIBRARIES AND INSTITUTIONS

Charities and NGOs

If you wish to organize a public screening (paying or free), or to sell our DVDs: CHARITIES and NGOS

Watch films online

Starting January 2014, our films will be available on VOD. Some of our films are already available on the sites arte vod and vodeo.tv