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Please note that our DVDs are strictly reserved for home viewing purposes only.  The individual purchase price does not grant public performance rights, including classroom screenings. Our films are protected under Copyright Code. They may not be reproduced, duplicated, televised or transmitted in whole or in part, or posted on the internet without specific written permission from moment distribution LTD.
If you wish to present one of our films in a public screening  you should get a rental agreement 
Complete the "cards" below to specify your reservation (format and version). 
momento! will contact you by email or phone within 4 business days.
We rent the films for public preformance, on different formats and with different subtitles. screening formats and available versions are shown in the "catalog" page of this site under "credits & info".
When no admission is charged, usualy the rates for one screening are between 200€ and 800€ 
(calculated in function of venue and context)
When admission is charged the rate per screening is the agreed Minimum Guarantee (MG) + 50% of the gross box office receipts (after recuperation of the MG). A box office report must be filed with moment following the screening. If an additional payment is due, a separate invoice will be sent. Additional rental screenings on the same or subsequent days are 50% of the initial fee.
For purpose of promotion you are welcome to download any material  (photos, press kits, etc..) and a short clip from the media download
Shipping and Handling fees  Please inquire Return Shipping 
Prints must be postmarked no later than 2 days after the screening date. 
Indicative prices based on theatre capacity: 120 ≥ Theatre > 50  : 200,00 €  HT  -  301 > Theatre  : 500,00 €  HT
Eyal Sivan is available for lectures and workshops. Requests for guest appearances please contact  contact@momento-films.com
For educational use we propose an educational license*
*The educational license grants non-paying consultation and performance rights to universities, colleges, libraries, high schools NGO's, charities Volunteer Organizations and non profitable institutions.It also entitles you to our DVD return program: for up to four years after purchase, if your DVD becomes scratched or unusable, simply return the DVD to us and we will mail you a replacement copy at a cost of 30€, including shipping.